Top Three Things to Remember When Camping and Enjoying the Outdoors

Top Three Things to Remember When Camping and Enjoying the Outdoors

Camping is a lot of fun but if you don’t know how to handle the outdoors and don’t understand certain things about them you aren’t going to be able to enjoy it to the fullest extent. You always need to be prepared when you head into the wild and attempt to live off the land for any period of time as the outdoors can be dangerous. I like to remember when going camping that I am a guest to the wild and I need to respect it as so. The top three things I recommend you to remember when going camping or pursuing an outdoor activity is to always be aware of your surroundings, pick up after yourself and always tell somebody where you are going.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

The first rule of camping is to always remain alert. There are animals and other creatures that are in their natural habitat and you as the camper are a guest so you need to remember that and always stay alert in case something is off. Not only wildlife, but nature itself can be dangerous if not treated properly or if you are unaware of your surroundings. Most accidents and unplanned events occur when someone is not paying attention and that is why it is important that you stay alert and are always prepared for the unexpected. Part of staying alert included being knowledgeable of the outdoors and keeping yourself educated on the are you plan on staying.

Leave No Trace Behind

The next thing to remember when camping and enjoying the outdoors is to always pick up after yourself. It can be easy to accidentally leave something behind or in the absence of a trash receptacle litter in the woods, but as a human being with common sense we know this is not only distasteful but simply unacceptable. Remember to bring with you a trash bag or somewhere to keep the trash that way you or anybody else you may be traveling with aren’t tempted to litter or leave trash behind.

Make Sure People Know Where You Are

Finally, my advice to you if your planning on camping or conquering the outdoors for any other reason is to always tell somebody else where you are going. This proves to be especially important for hikers because it is much easier than you think to get lost while hiking in unknown territory. No matter how many times you hiked there before or camped there before the woods are a scary and unusual place for a person to be and the last thing you want is to be lost in the woods where nobody knows you even went. With cell phones and other electronics today it is much less prevalent to get lost in the woods however, there are a lot of places in the wild that do not have cell service at all therefore leaving you unreachable by all means.

So please, if your planning to camp outside or live off of the land for any period of time take heed to these friendly reminders as they could save your life and make your trip much more enjoyable.