Survival of the Fittest: An Inside Look At How To Survive Outdoors

Survival of the Fittest: An Inside Look At How To Survive Outdoors

The digital age has caused a lot of people to stop thinking about survival. People are too attached to being online that a lot of them do not know what it takes to survive outdoors.

Surviving outdoors takes a lot of strength and courage. You will have to learn to survive without your phones, your computer, and other electronic devices you are attached to.

Surviving the outdoors is very similar to living in New York. New York will weed out the survivors from the non-survivors. It is where most people cut their teeth, so to speak.

“Living in New York will teach you to survive anywhere.”

I have a few survival skills you need to master before you venture into the great outdoors.

1) The outdoors is going to test you in ways you never thought were possible. The outdoors will throw situations at you to see if you use your head or not. The last thing you want is to be reactionary. A calm head and a logical view is the best-kept secret for the great outdoors.

You need a master plan, even if you are camping for the weekend. You need to develop a rough and tough sort of attitude. True grit will set you apart from the non-survivors.

2) Some areas get hotter than others. It depends on where you venture off to. You will need to find shade once it starts getting hot. Did you know that by digging a few inches under the ground the soil is cooler?

You will need to have two shelters. You will need an insulated shelter to keep in the hot and cold air when needed. You will also need a shade shelter. That is to protect you against the extreme heat.

3) You will need to stay hydrated. A lot of people are used to the type of hydration they do after a workout. This is so much more than your average workout. You will need to keep an ample supply of clean water with you.

You can drink rainwater. You just catch and bottle the water as it comes down. Store it away for a while and then you can drink.

Some of you may see snow in different parts of the world. Wait for it to melt and bottle it. You can drink it after it sits for a while. You may have to accelerate the melting process. You can either chop the ice up, let the sun melt it for you, or you can use your body heat to do the work.

4) You will need to learn how to build a fire. You will probably use it at least once on your journey of living outdoors. You also need to know how to tie various types of knots. You will need them. Look up how to online before you go if you do not know how to make them.