Living Wisely Off the Land

Living Wisely Off the Land

Planet Earth is Bountiful and Filled with Opportunities

Many people are choosing to live off the grid or live off the land. The world that we live in is fast and it is filled with technology that seems to keep changing. If you are looking for a different lifestyle and are considering living off the land or camping, you will benefit from many having many valuable skills. These skills will include the following:

  • survival know-how
  • problem-solving skills
  • self motivation
  • a can-do attitude
  • self reliance

There are so many ways to wisely live off the land and take advantage of the many opportunities that are sure to come your way. Natural living offers many advantages to the average person or family. A natural lifestyle will not burden the environment and Mother Nature has much to offer to the prepared and able. Thriving is, typically, the outcome and goal for those who opt to dive in and experience something other than a rat race.

Defining this Lifestyle in a Simple Way

You may be wondering what living off the land is really about. Surviving by the resources is a good way to sum it up simply. This may include hunting for your food. It can also include harvesting power with the use of natural sources. This would be the wind or the sun. Some people call this lifestyle “homesteading.” It can be permanent camping too. Those people who have, already, opted to live in this manner believe that self-sufficiency has many rewards to offer.

Surviving and Enjoying Ever Minute

Living off the land is also known as unplugging from the outside or real world. Setting up your own space in a quieter world will require a few valuable items. You will need access to the following:


Of course, you will need to stay safe from the elements. Shelter can come in many shapes and sizes. You will need a reliable roof t cover your head and it will need to be equipped with cold-weather gear if you live in this type of climate. You will need to add a form of security to keep wild animals and intruders out of your shelter.

Food for Energy

Wilderness living will have you on a pursuit for food. Leaving the typical way of life may turn you into a hunter-gatherer. Creativity and food will go hand-in-hand.


Off-grid living will require you to find a way to obtain your own water. Catching rain water is one way. You can dig your own well and use wind or solar power to supply you. Water is a golden resource when you live off the land.

Many people enjoy every minute of this lifestyle because it is challenging and offers freedom.

Putting a Plan in Place

Once you have your shelter, food and water ready and in place, go ahead and get started on your new life endeavor. Be sure to use your survival skills and find ways to entertain yourself too.