How I Got Into Camping

How I Got Into Camping

I have always enjoyed camping and nature. When I was growing up my family would go camping many times throughout the summer months. I never wanted those camping moments to end.

As I got closer to graduating from high school, my parents kept steering me in the direction of obtaining a college degree. I eventually graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree. I used my college degree for years, but I felt like my life was meant for something else. I wanted nature beneath my feet instead of a world of cement, stress, and seeing who can out do the next person.

I eventually left my job where cement was beneath my feet for most of the day. I decided I wanted to be camping and living off the land, where I could be happy and at peace. I already had all the camping gear I needed to survive, like a tent, sleeping bag, solar powered lanterns, and fishing equipment.

Before I left the brick and mortar world totally behind me, I did some research about the best areas to camp and live off the land. I knew when I wanted to live off the land I would need somewhere I could fish and hunt for meat. I also looked up the different plants in nature a person could eat to survive.

When I researched different places to set up camp, I wanted to make sure it was a place I would be able to stay for an extended amount of time without causing any problems. It would have to be in the woods which were not owned by a private individual, unless I specifically knew that person. If the land was state or federally owned, I had to make sure camping for extended periods was allowed.

I eventually found a perfect place I could set up my camp for several months. There was a river close by where I could take out one of my fishing kayaks. There were rabbits and squirrels in the woods I could trap for meat. I knew I would be able to get fresh meat to eat whenever I needed it.

In the woods I found to camp I found raspberry bushes, leaks, ginger root, and other wild growing edible plants. I would be able to eat fresh food from the land when the different plants were in season. I could eat them like they were or make soups and teas out of them. I would always have a good enough variety of nature food to survive.

Besides my camping and fishing gear, I made sure I had one pan and one skillet. A pan and a skillet would be essential to cook the food which needed to be cooked. Even though the plant food I could eat without cooking it, the fish and wild game would need to be cooked before I ate it.

Camping and living off the land is not perfect for everyone, but it is the right way to live for me. It is peaceful. My mind and body feel better living off the land.