Enjoying The Outdoors…At Home

I love camping and enjoy so many outdoor activities. Often if you don’t hear from me for a few days, I’m off on a hike, or biking on different trails. I love rock climbing and kayaking. But I also like to just relax outdoors at home too (though not toooo often).

When I am home, here are the ways I relax.


I love a good fire. When I first bought my home, I made a fire pit out of bricks and sand. This was a great, cheap way to add a backyard gathering place.

I still have this in my yard. But when I got my deck, I wanted another gathering place. So now I also have a iron chiminea on my deck on top of a desk protector pad so it doesn’t ruin my deck.

So I recommend a fire pit or a chiminea to anyone who is looking to add some outdoor ambiance.


Many have conventional wood Adirondack chairs. But there are some new polywood versions that are AMAZING. They last and won’t get chewed up by squirrels. I’m so excited to use them this summer.


WHen I’m home and entertaining, I love grilling and smoking meats for my guests. What’s a cook out without grilled meat! I rely on my Weber grill paired with my igrill meat thermometer (igrill 2 is my choice).

I like my meat medium rare but many of my friends only eat well done meat. So this ensures everyone is happy.


When I’m out hiking, camping, etc, I don’t mind “roughing it”. But when I’m home I want to be comfortable. That’s why I had both fans and patio heaters in my yard.

My patio heater has wheels so I’m able to wheel it into my garage when the weather gets nicer.

Then when it gets hot – like 90 degrees hot – I take out my large power fans. These are the types that football teams keep on the sidelines. They’re amazing and really keep us cool in those hot summer days.

I also have many sun shades. After losing a few patio umbrellas to wind and hail storms, I decided to go a different route. Sun shades are the BOMB.

I have three shades positioned in my yard (yes it’s a large yard) and they offer some really nice areas to relax.