About Us

We believe we’re part of the generation that has the most to lose. We know this is a pivotal time in our world’s growth and change. And if we want future generations to live off the abundance of our world, we must act.

– Maria Della Velasquez
Maria Della Velasquez

Maria Della Velasquez is an American environmentalist and has been passionate about conservation since 2013. She believes that understanding the land, how to live on it, and how to conserve it will help not only ourselves but all of humanity. Coming from a rural, mid-western family, she understands how to take nature’s bounty and turn it into a home and life.

But in order for us to continue living off the land, we must protect our natural resources. That’s why Maria and her associates are passionate about learning and conservation. We strive to understand the past, relate it to our current conditions. And ultimately prepare for the future environments of the coming generations.